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About Our Company

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Our Vision

By 2019 every small Medium & big enterprise will know the importance of tracking. Flash Force has the vision to serve these organizations at its best, as we are the first company who has taken tracking to its extreme dynamics and also the reporting of each and every aspect by the ability to produce accurate tracking result in almost any weather condition online as well as offline.

Our Mission

We are into the internet age the internet has reached beyond social & economic barriers; our mission is to take Flash Force to all size enterprises. We are also planning to bring Flash Force to every person and reach every corner of the country left no stone unturned and with our innovations becoming the global leader in tracking & automated reporting solutions.

Quality or Customer Support:

Our company has best proven in terms of providing the best quality product to our customers. In order to maintain customer relationship our product helps client to make efficient growth of an organization. The legitimate purpose of the business is to provide a product or service that people need. Trckoplus, an innovative product that keep the record of sales executives.