Flash Force: is for every industry, sales, service, delivery,

Industries which need Flash Force

Cutting Edge of Pharmacies by Flash Force

Flash Force provides with the unique feature that meets the cutting edge care to pharmacies. This is possible by tracking pharmaceutical sales representatives. It provides owners, the authority to keep an eye on their representative. This will create a concern among sales representative, which will in turn be beneficial for the resource of the company.

Dairy sales with Flash Force

A dairy shop which is specialize in delivering dairy products to small shop & bakeries want to introduce a point of sale system to manage the daily sales and production. Here Track plus can play a major role to track sales & keep watch on productions.

Success Factor: • Can keep track of Hand device (mobile) to deliver milk & dairy product to customer • Provide excellent service to customers • Correct stock is maintained for customer

Door-to-Door Sales By Flash Force

If there is a business set-up for Door-to-door sales in urban areas & there is no data connectivity. In this case our technique will result in a miracle as it has the capability to work both online and offline. Plus point is that if the data connectivity is not there with representative then also it is possible to track the records.

Flash Force for Express Shipment

Flash Force provides with the feature to check the status of your shipment. If someone would want to know about the location of their shipment this can be possible. This shipment information helps to keep the customers & colleagues up to date.

Search & Succeed with Flash Force

Flash Force plays one of the key role in the field of Insurance. It provides the superpowers to the companies to claim their agents who handle the customers in an individual basis by maintaining the track records regarding each & every step of all the necessary functions performed by the agent. By this the agent will be concern about his track and this will reduce the burden of Insurance tracking experts & help them to handle the decision correctly.

Effective Track record For Sales and Distribution

A company is having core business as manufacturing and marketing of food supplement. This company is handling the distribution of dietary supplements, beverages, and personal care product .Flash Force can be used to monitor the performance of sales executives on regular basis.